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Chassepierre 2020 - Artistic residences, The Green Carpet and The Philisophers' Walk

Agenda FTLB - In Florenville and its villages
09 April 2020
Le village de Chassepierre

6824 Chassepierre
On August 22 and 23 2020, Chassepierre will live the 47th edition of its International Festival of Street Arts ! In advance to this yearly event, Chassepierre decided to accompany several artists.As a reminder, in 2015, with the help of the Belgian Province of Luxembourg, the Fête des Artistes de Chassepierre Non-profit association had purchased a farm building in the village. Indeed, in addition to the co-productions the Festival develops, its staff wanted to offer a working space to the companies.

This then, this place welcomes the artists through creation residencies in a countryside and calm setting that enables them to work outdoors : in the fields, in the streets or on the river. In accordance with the ethic of our Festival, these residencies enable the artists to register in a particular geographic and social context (rural area), and they offer this way some special moments for sharing in order to enable them to experiment, to repeat, to feel, to exchange and to refine their creations.

Chassepierre maintained its momentum and reached its goal to receive 5 companies every year!

The association continues working with the Centre d’Art Contemporain du Luxembourg belge, in the context of its One-Day Digital Labs, in order to develop a digital project, the one of Alexis Choplain.

The artist came in residency from October 14 till 20 2019. He invented a facility that is made with a set of electromechanical modules that enables the user to luminously visualize the fluctuations, the vibrations of an electric current, through water, that variates according to its intensity. The final facility will b epresented during the 47th edition.

Programme 2020 :

1) From March 15 till 21st 2020, the association will receive the Collectif Malunés with its new project called « We Agree To Disagree » in the context of a partnership with the PALC in France. Through circus, the collective wants to propose a cheeky, interrogrative and meanful look on the question of ‘living in group’. As the show was created in 2020, it will be presented during the 47th edition.

2) From April 1st till 10 2020, the association will receive the Belgian company Les Chaussons Rouges, with its third creation, « Nadir ». The company explores and presents the theme of vertical position and of flight for three tightrope walkers. After some teachful meetings, a residence exit in public (working stage) is scheduled on April 09 2020 in Chassepierre, 24, rue de la Semois, at 06:00pm. The show will be presented during the 47th edition.

3) From April 29 till May 3rd 2020, the association will receive the English company Red Herring, with its project « Whistlers » in ythe context of the European network « The Green Carpet ». This
company that is based in Bideford creates some unique and playful theater experiences for street corners, for parks and rural landscapes. This project gathers ideas for studying the birdsongs, the langage and the ways of listening. It will be presented during the 47th edition.

4) From June 9 till 19 2020, the association will receive the Belgian company Sébastien Derock, with its project « Spoutnik ». It is hte story of a man who wants to fly away, to leave the Earth, joining the sky. He decides then to build, with what he has, a rocket worthy of the name. A hero, a quest, some obstacles, some protagonists and an unexpected end. After some teachful meetings, a residence exit in public (working stage) is scheduled on June 19 2020 in Chassepierre, 24, rue de la Semois, at 07:00pm. The show will be presented during the 47th edition.


At the same time and in partnership with Tribal Souk, the association Fête des Artistes de Chassepierre carries on « The Philiosphers' Walk », for the 4th consecutive year. The aim is to turn this touring adventure into a meeting in rural land and in the public space so that its artistic propoal can be fitted to every place. Wiht its wandering soul, it comes and meet everybody, and it invites us to follow its way towards well-known or unknown lands, but always to be (re)discovered. The next walk will take place from September 15 till 27 2020, respectively in Avioth, Villers-devant-Orval, Florenville, Lambermont, Chassepierre, Lacuisine, Chiny, Ansart, Fratin, Saint-Léger, Lamorteau, Torgny and Sommethonne.

Once again, the public will be invited to move forward all together and to have a dialogue with the artists starting from each village. The show that will be proposed at the end of the philisophical course will be « MythWoman » by the company Arts Nomades, as each welcoming place is a partner of the good running of this project.

04/09 at 6pm : "Nadir" by Les Chaussons Rouges (30 min.) / 06/19 at 7pm : "Spoutnik" by Sébastien Derock (40 min.). Free admission (24 rue de la Semois in Chassepierre).
On 09 Apr 18h,
on 19 Jun 19h,
and from 15 till 27 Sep.

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  • 09 April 2020


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