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Regional specialities

Orval beer

One of the six genuine Trappist of Belgium. It is brewed and bottled in the abbey of Orval. It goes through three fermentations. One of them is in bottle. This beer has a double hopping which gives it an enjoyable bitterness and a unique aroma. This excellent beer, with high yeast fermentation, is only sold in 33-cl bottles. It achieves its fermentation in bottle. After that it is stored in a cool (12 to 14°C) and dark cellar during at least 6 months. You can savor it cool but not frozen (cellar temperature) in an ad hoc glass which has been perfectly washed out and dried. It has to be served in a titled glass, slowly but at one go that way the sediment (+/1 cm) is not mixed. Orval beer can be kept 5 and more years. It has 6,2% of alcohol. You can be surprised by the bitterness of the beer but real beer lovers will love it.

+32 (0) 61 31 12 61


Gengoulf beer

Lager amber beer brewed in Villers-devant-Orval
Rue des Hawys 24 – 6823 VILLERS-DEVANT-ORVAL

La bière Sainte-Hélène

Sainte-Hélène beer

Sainte-Hélène's artisanal brewery
Rue d’Arlon 17A  - 6820 FLORENVILLE
+32 (0)61 46 45 43

Le Zoup

Le Zoup

This hand-made aperitif was created for the inauguration of Breux's new gateway (Chassepierre). This refreshing aperitif is made with regional products such as Maitrank, apple juice, distillate potato and honey. It contains 10% of alcohol and we drink it fresh.

Fromage d'Orval

Orval cheese

This delicious pressed cheese (such as Saint-Paulin) is made with cow's milk in the walls of the abbey of Orval. We can enjoy it as a starter with a glass of Orval, small slices on buttered toast or as a desert with a light and fruity red wine.

+32 (0) 61 31 10 60

Plates de Florenville

Potato: « Flat of Florenville »

This potato's reputation comes from the quality of its firm yellow flesh and its refined and delicate taste. This quality is the result of the seeds choice and a culture on sandy and light grounds of the Jurassic zone situated on the south of the first Lorraine cuesta.
We can buy this potato from different producers or in some food stores in the district of Florenville. This delicious tuber can be enjoyed cooked in salty water or steamed as well as roasted in butter, bacon, oil or goose fat. They are essential to prepare the « touffaye ». The flat potato of Florenville has the European recognition P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication).

Le pâté gaumais

« Pâté Gaumais » (meat pie)

It is made with diced pork marinated with white wine, vinegar, salt, pepper, thyme, laurel, shallot, parsley, garlic... during 48 hours. The meat is put on a dough crust made with flour, lard, eggs and salt. After that we put another layer of dough and cook it in the oven. We can enjoy it warm or cold with dry white wine or with beer. This regional product has been labelled by the P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) as well as the Ardenne ham.

Les chocolats d'Edouard

Edouard's chocolates

Come and discover the chocolate universe through plenty of in-house products (tasting of chocolates and exceptional pralines with an unusual tea, wine or handmade beer). You can also take part at some discover ateliers, visits and tasting. You can have a personalized tour of this Belgian artisanal chocolate factory as well (only with a reservation!).

Place Albert Ier 36B – 6820 FLORENVILLE
+32 (0) 61 50 29 72

Traditional meats and salting

Le jambon d'Ardenne

Ardenne ham

Even if this salty and smoked ham is made in Gaume according to the traditional recipe, it is named « Ardenne ham ». The persons who salt the meat in Florenville or in the surroundings have acquired a good reputation in this specialty of the province of Luxembourg.


Smoked sausages

(sausages, pipes, collar…) made especially with pure pork, salted and spiced. Sometimes they are also mixed with shallot or Orval beer. Each producer has its own recipe. You can taste them and choose the one you prefer.

Boudin noir

Black pudding

In the area of Florenville, the black pudding is different than the ones made in the other cities of the country. It is prepared with, of course, pork blood but also with pieces of pork meat, onions and melted bacon bits. You can enjoy it warm or cold.

Some traditional Gaumaise recipes

The « touffaye »: parboiled potatoes


It is not easy to success this preparation even if it is an easy one. To make this recipe perfectly, you need quality ingredients, expertise and patience. Brown the bacon bits and pork meat pieces (collar and low ribs) in a cast iron pot, be careful not to burn them. After, add the cut shallots and onions. Add the potatoes « Plates de Florenville » (also called « becs »), thyme, laurel, a pinch of salt, pepper and water. You can also put some small smoked sausages. During the low and extended cooking (around 2 hours with quality potatoes), the potatoes will become brown because of the starting ingredients. This is a unique dish that you can eat with a nice salad with dressing made by dandelions or endives.


La potée gaumaise

This kind of hotchpotch is made with various fresh and cut (in big pieces) vegetables (potatoes, leeks, celery, carrots, turnips, cabbages, onions,...) as well as big dry white beans (watered for one hour beforehand). Cook all that like a soup with half-salt bacon, sausages, smoked ham sticks and perhaps pork feet or hocks. You can enjoy this delicious dish during winter.

La Floriflette (recipe for 3 persons)

Cut two slices of lean smoked bacon in dices (around 1/2cm). Melt the bacon bits. Add a big chopped onion and brown it. Add 600g of « Plate de Florenville » potatoes cut in slices (peeled after baking). Then add 250g of Orval cheese cut in dices as well as grated nutmeg. Put it in a buttered proof dish and add 30cl of fresh cream. Cover with one or two slices of Orval Cheese. Put it in the oven to brown it and serve it hot.


  • Syndicat d'initiative de Florenville sur Semois
    Esplanade du Panorama 1
  • +32 (0) 61 31 12 29

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